Enabling the Finance - Technology Partnership

The relationship between the finance and IT organisations can be characterised as value at risk. Most organisations recognise the importance of the relationship between these parts of the organisation but lack the impetus, frameworks or ability to develop a sustainable and working relationship.

The inter-relationship is extensive. The finance and operational areas of a business benefit directly from appropriate investments in business systems and technologies that support core business objectives. The technology organisation in turn must identify these investments and deliver and operate them in a cost effective manner. The relationship follows the full cycle from capital expenditure proposal, approval and implementation through to operation, replacement and retirement.

The finance and technology areas don't always speak the same language. We have spent a significant amount of time and have witnessed and been involved in many programs of effort between these two important elements in the organisation.

We don't believe bridging this gap is a luxury, but a necessity. Organisations seeking to improve outcomes by focussing on this relationship can benefit from our experience. The areas where we focus our attention on and have improved outcomes in other organisations include:

  • Business system requirements definition
  • Business led technology change programs
  • IT capital expenditure identification, selection and prioritisation process
  • IT strategic alignment and gap reporting
  • Technology program and project reporting
  • Compliance program definition, reform and implementation