Trentini Consulting have partnered with Hayes Technology Group to address the challenges of SAP® data management with a powerful and easy solution.

Gold Client

Gold Client® is a selective client copy solution for SAP® applications that features intelligent data transfer allowing you to synchronise your SAP® clients and reduce their size by up to 90%.

As Production databases grow, the SAP® delivered client copy process becomes technically less functionally feasible and impractical. As a result, many projects resort to full copies of the production database into supporting systems (homogeneous system copy). However, over time this process becomes very taxing on the technical staff and cost prohibitive to the organisation as non-production environments quickly devour storage and leave the team scrambling for resources. Storage is consumed at an exponential rate and execution time can easily last a week or more, all the while project teams suffer from stale and inadequate data.

The Gold Client® Solution puts an end to full database copy inefficiencies and empowers project team members to quickly and easily select and copy exactly the data they want.

Refresh Alternative

Uses and extends standard SAP® client copy functionality to copy just Master and Configuration data, resulting in faster and smaller client copies with true production data without all the transactional "garbage".

Intelligent Data Transfer

Allows project teams to quickly and dynamically select and replicate user-defined subsets of SAP® application data from production and non-production sources to non-production targets within the SAP® landscape.

In addition, this toolset finally provides a vehicle to refresh unit test clients in DEV. Full database copies of PRD aren't feasible due to the size and loss of the version data in DEV. Gold Client® allows you to refresh stale unit test clients with a manageable sized client with true production data.

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